Finding a Luxury Apartment in Thane, Mumbai

January 2016

One of the most misunderstood – and misinterpreted – real estate buzzwords of today’s times, ‘luxury’ is a concept that evolves and matures according to developers’ whims. Real estate builders go all-out to cater to this increasing demand for luxury apartments. Unfortunately, many claim, but only few deliver on the promises made in the name of luxury. It’s always better to check for yourself before you make any commitment with your developer.

If you’re a homebuyer scouting for a luxury apartment in Thane, Mumbai, take note of the following indicators:

Does your definition of luxury match that of the developer’s?

Top-notch amenities, unmatched surveillance facilities, and glamourous aesthetics are some of the key attributes of a luxury apartment. Thane is a hot property destination with booming real estate prospects. When looking for an apartment in the area, make sure that the afore-mentioned parameters are met by the developer you’re considering.

Is the apartment well-connected by road and rail?

A great location that’s connected with all major hubs of the city is an integral aspect of your luxurious abode. Thane enjoys superb connectivity to Navi Mumbai as well as to the Eastern and Western Suburbs of Mumbai via Ghodbunder Road, JVLR, SCLR Ghodbunder Road, JVLR, and SCLR. What’s more, The Central Harbour Rail Line, Thane-Panvel Rail Line and Central Railways connect Thane to Mumbai's railway network. Any apartment that is a stone’s throw away from these routes, and yet, lends a deluxe experience back at home is just the perfect pick.

Does the property have a high appreciation rate?

Ghodbunder Road, which is a remarkable example of real estate development in the past few years, has witnessed an astounding appreciation over the last decade. A luxury apartment in or around the area, by all means, qualifies as a lucrative investment option in Thane.

Does the location have unparalleled social infrastructure?

It is imperative that you look for an apartment at a location that boasts of supreme social infrastructure. A location burgeoning with educational institutes, entertainment and leisure hubs, hospitals, convenience stores and malls is an ideal choice to settle in. Finding a luxury apartment in Thane is no longer a challenge, thanks to the many flourishing real estate projects that have transformed the idea of aristocratic living. As long as the above-mentioned pointers are taken care of, you can settle on an apartment that has all features that you were always looking for in your dream home.